Spectre-like operative of the Convocation


While all Fallow can channel Eisen’s Sap Nevik is a particularly gifted vessel. Her link with Garia’s elemental lifeblood is stronger than has been seen in generations.
Always having been possessed with a sense of purpose and unquenchable curiosity she has always been an adventurer of one form or another. Even before she was approached by the Convocation she had several songs and firetales to her name.

Nevik’s skill in battle is legendary, she is swift to action, preferring to render her foes unconscious or subject to her will that they might face justice at the hands of authority. If cornered, or if her rare white hot anger is aroused she may draw her twin Khanjali knives. No one has ever survived their release.
She will refrain from wielding Eisen’s Sap during battle directly against foes, though she has been known to use it to turn a battlefield to her advantage or stop stragglers from fleeing a group.
Her bow is always at her side, Fallow children are taught to hunt as soon as they can stand and their self made bows are ritualistically part of coming of age.
The Convocation makes use of Nevik’s reputation by assigning her Sheriff duties, akin to bounty hunting and occasionally, assassination.



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